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Heated Rollers | Curling Cones

Spiroll Heated Rollers - Curling Cones

Tired of boring straight hair and want sexy waves or a tight spiral curl?
Whether you're 16 or 60, this curler will give you the look you want - quickly and easily.

So why is the Spiroll conical roller better than the others?
It can be used in MULTIPLE different ways to allow you to create DIFFERENT STYLES of CURLS:
From beautiful SEXY WAVY CURLS to BETTER than GHD SPIRAL CURLS - and all so easy for you to do!
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Beauty Busters: Wahl Spirolls Conical Heated Rollers

Heated Rollers


Case consists of 24 rollers and clips with flock covering for easy grip and no burning of the hair, plus matching snug fitting interchangeable clips to lock in extra heat .

The Spiroll Heated Rollers - Spiroll Curling Cones are a new type of roller designed to give a more diversified curl than a traditional roller.

Curling Cones The rollers coupled with the specially designed snap on clips can also generate a much larger variety of curl types, depending on how you wind your roller in. View video instructions for different applications

Application time is faster than irons. Average application is fifteen minutes,
and while they cool, you have plenty of time to do your make-up. Afterwards simply remove the rollers and interchangable clips and style as you like.

Curling Cones Heated Rollers Spiroll can be used on any length hair, as long as you can wrap hair around the roller one and a half times.

Allow ten minutes for set to warm, open case and leave both sides down , take clip off, wind the roller in, then re-apply clip just by pushing it on. If the roller is too hot just wait one minute after lowering sides. To give more bounce apply hair spray on the hair first.

Use on dry clean hair only

Design Registration and Patent Pending Worldwide

Heated Rollers

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