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I'm really impressed with how easy it is to apply. My hair doesn't frizz and dry out so I'm not worried about heat damage.

When I used Spiroll Curling Cones my boyfriend said my hair looked really sexy because the curls looked super natural. And it was a lot easier than using my GHD!

My experience with Spiroll was astonishing. This product creates gorgeous and effortless long lasting curls, after experiencing the curling iron which took 50 minutes to do, then start dropping out within 30 minutes , to be being curled in 15 minutes with Spiroll and lasting days! There is no going back for me.
Rachel (satisfied customer)
I first used Spiroll at the beginning of the year for a editorial shoot where the client needed a classic 1950s set on shoulder length hair…. All I can say was it was ridiculously easy and user friendly, I popped them in,
let them cool and brushed them out with a demnam and it literally bounced into a perfect set.

Wade -William Ambler Editorial Hairstylist
In general my hair is lovely and soft but in turn it is totally flat and you can't do anything with it.. I tried a lot of curling products and they would all last around 20 minutes if I was lucky. Spiroll Products are the only thing that put curls into my hair and stayed. Loooooove spiroll heated rollers, recommend them to any girl, especially super straight soft hair that usually doesn't curl!

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