Spiroll Heated Rollers

Tired of boring straight hair and want sexy waves or a tight spiral curl?
Whether you’re 16 or 60, this curler will give you the look you want – quickly and easily.

What are Spiroll Heated Rollers?

Spiroll Heated Rollers are a unique combination of Hot Sticks, Curling Irons and traditional Heated Rollers in one easy to use set of 24 Conical Shaped Heated Rollers.

Spiroll Heated Rollers include soft flock for easy hair grip and our unique Shark Fin Clip that locks in heat for a more effective curl.

The Spiroll Heated Rollers are a new type of roller designed to give a more diversified curl than a traditional roller.

The Secret Is in The Shape

Traditional Heated Rollers are cylindrical in shape and require pins to secure them, they produce a soft curl that softens very quickly and doesn’t last long.

Curling Irons have the heat but take even longer and are difficult to manage on your own, Spiroll Heated Rollers are like having up to 18 curling irons working at once. Straightening Irons can be used to curl as well as straighten but to achieve a curl is time consuming and difficult, best left to the trained hands of a proffessional.

How Do I Use Spiroll Heated Rollers?

Simply plug in with the case closed and Rollers and Clips on the locating pins, 10 minutes is sufficient.

Simply wind in Spiroll Heated Rollers, clip on the Design Registered Shark Fin Clip wait for them to cool, take them out and style as desired to create beautiful long lasting curls in your hair.

The Facts.

Rollers are Better Than Curling Irons.

The secret is in the design of the roller and clip. There is no other that can do what this does.

The differences between conical and cylindrical heated rollers.

All cylindrical rollers can only be wound in the hair one way and create a soft effect that will last a short period of time. The curl also will not last very long. Traditional heated rollers do not have a clip-like spiroll to lock in the heat and allow it to cool in place. With Spiroll because of the design of the clip attachment which heats up with the roller, this creates a longer-lasting more bouncy curl…

Lasting Power & Bounce. 

The secret is the length and conical shape of Spiroll Heated Rollers.

It allows for 2 different types of applications, which, in turn, will create 2 totally different curl results.

When you wind it down the roller you create a curling iron spiral effect. And when you wind it in on the traditional wind you create soft curls, waves and bounce. So you could easily say this is a curling iron and a heated roller combined! It is so effective that when the Spiroll Australian patent finished Wahl hit the market with a conical curling iron!

So let’s compare differences here…

When you’re working with a curling iron it doesn’t matter whether it’s cylindrical or conical you have to start at the 1st curl and then 30 minutes later you’re finishing. So your 1st curl has dropped compared to your last. And your results all over will drop within a few hours in comparison to Spiroll whether it be the traditional wind or the spiral wind.

Beautiful, long-lasting spiral curls with Spiroll Heated Rollers.

Customer Testimonials

I first used Spiroll at the beginning of the year for a editorial shoot where the client needed a classic 1950s set on shoulder length hair…. All I can say was it was ridiculously easy and user friendly, I popped them in,
let them cool and brushed them out with a demnam and it literally bounced into a perfect set.
Wade -William Ambler

Editorial Hairstylist

My experience with Spiroll was astonishing. This product creates gorgeous and effortless long lasting curls, after experiencing the curling iron which took 50 minutes to do, then start dropping out within 30 minutes , to be being curled in 15 minutes with Spiroll and lasting days! There is no going back for me.

Satisfied Customer